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Cat on Green

Meet the charming Cleo, a beautiful feline lady who is sure to steal your heart. Despite unexpected changes in her previous household that led to her living in foster care, Cleo has maintained a warm and loving demeanor. She's looking for a caring and committed family who will ensure she's always enveloped in comfort and love.

Cleo is comfortable living with other cat-friendly kitties, so if your household already has a friendly feline who's looking for a companion, Cleo would make a perfect match. While she's currently adapting nicely to foster care, Cleo truly understands the joy of a loving home and having that special someone who lavishes her with care and attention.

Please don't be fooled by her peaceful demeanor. Cleo is a spry girl who loves to play and explore around the house. Whether it's lazing around the window sill on a lazy Sunday afternoon or playfully chasing toys, Cleo adds a special touch of joy to everyday life.

Cleo is well-groomed and properly taken care of. She has been desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped, and is also routinely treated for fleas. She'll be able to move into her new home for an adoption fee of $150, a small price to pay for a lifetime of love, loyalty and cuddles.

Cleo's heartfelt wish is to find a family that will love and cherish her unconditionally. With her lovely personality, this magnificent lady deserves a loving and caring family who treats her like the queen she truly is.  So, if Cleo sounds like the perfect addition to your family, we'd love to hear from you.


Meet Kelsie! This loving mummy cat has proved herself to be an amazing caregiver to her adorable kittens. Now that her kittens have grown, she's ready to start a new journey with a family of her own.

Kelsie is a sweet and friendly feline who will add happiness and warmth to her new home. She might be a little shy initially, but give her a little time and you'll see her personality shine through. Kelsie really enjoys receiving love and pampering once she becomes comfortable in her environment.

Kelsie's nurturing instinct extends to her human companions, demonstrating her loving nature. She's the type of cat who will be there to comfort you at the end of a long day with soothing purrs and gentle headbutts. When she's not basking in the love and attention of her human companions, Kelsie enjoys exploring her surroundings, engaging her curious nature.

She is fully desexed, vaccinated, and has been treated against worms and fleas. She’s also microchipped, ensuring that she can always find her way back to you.

If you're interested in meeting Kelsie and experiencing her sweet nature firsthand, please fill out our cat adoption application form at to prepare for the introduction.

With Kelsie's rich history of genuine care and sweetness, she’s not just looking for a home, but for a family to love and be loved by. We can bet her charm, coupled with her incredible price of $150.00, makes her an exceptional catch!

Meet Nala, a modest and initially somewhat shy feline lady who quickly warms up to her surroundings and companions. Nala is the epitome of sweetness and love, ready to grace a new home with her adorable charm.

At first, Nala can be a little cautious when meeting new people. However, this beautiful kitty doesn't take long to adjust to her environment and soon shows her loving side. Suitable for a household with children over ten, Nala promises to shower her new family with warmth and unwavering loyalty.

On a typical day, Nala enjoys observing her surroundings with keen, beautiful eyes, revealing an inner intelligence and curiosity. She will seek your affection, appreciating gentle caresses and offering soft purrs in return. Her sweet nature is shown through her interaction with humans – she quickly adds a dash of joy to any room she steps foot in.

Nala allows your household to have the complete experience of owning an adorable cat, as she comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed, and flea treated. You can also rest easy knowing she’s microchipped for security. Caring for Nala is effortless, all she yearns for is love, care, and companionship.

In return for your affection, you receive a loving buddy who’ll make your days a lot more enjoyable with her sweet antics and playful purrs. With Nala, you don't just get a pet; you get a loyal and lovable friend there to support you, making every day a little brighter. Get ready to have your heart stolen by this sweet kitty.

Say hello to the gorgeous Opal Too! An adorable Torti girl born at the dawn of 2022, Opal Too is a gentle spirit with a sweet and loving nature. Though a tad shy when she first meets new faces, some tender loving care and cuddles are all it takes for her purr motor to rev up, showcasing her happiness while filling your home with soothing, heart-warming sounds.

Opal isn't just a feline companion, she's a delightful assistant! Whether you're making beds, typing away on your computer, or sweeping the floors, Opal is ready to lend a paw, making everyday chores a shared experience filled with fun and companionship. While she may have a spirited streak that can be cheekily attributed to her Torti genes, let's just call it 'enthusiastic' assistance – it only adds to her charming personality and make every day with Opal entertaining.

A home adorned with the loving presence of Opal is a home enriched with love and laughter. Children, particularly those of school-going age and above, will find in Opal a playful and affectionate companion. If you envision a fun-loving feline to complete your family, you might have the perfect home for Opal.

For more information about welcoming this captivating character into your home, give Deb a call. The adoption fee of $150.00 ensures that Opal comes to you desexed and vaccinated, carrying with her, her unique microchip identification. Secure a life of joyous moments and unlimited feline love with Opal Too.


Introducing our precious gem, Ruby, a sweet and loving furball who, like her radiant namesake, brings a touch of brilliance to every room she steps into. Born on January 21st, 2022, Ruby has a distinct charm about her - she radiates kindness and is beloved by all. Though a little shy at first, Ruby's personality quickly emerges once she's familiar with her surroundings.

Ruby finds immense joy in playing and socializing with other cats and kittens. Her favourite pastime ranges from chasing fluffy mouse toys to snuggling up for a nap with her furry friends. If you already have a cat-friendly residence, she would seamlessly fit into the mix, adding another sprinkle of joy. Alternatively, Ruby would also likely fare well if adopted with one of her foster home pals, contributing to a harmonious multi-cat household.

With humans she trusts, Ruby finds an ultimate sense of comfort, snuggling for warmth and seeking affection with the sweetest of purrs. She loves being stroked gently and responds well to a quiet, calm environment where she can feel safe and adored.

Emerging from her kittenhood, Ruby has learned manners and commands at an impressive pace thanks to her intelligent and curious nature. She now awaits a quiet, loving family who will cherish her unique charm and give her all the warmth and nurture she deserves.

Ruby comes fully vet-approved and ready to join your home. She has been desexed, vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas. She has also been microchipped for her safety. Adopt Ruby into your life for just $150.00, and bring home a vibrant, feline companion full of love and fun and joy.


Meet Laa Laa, our sweet and playful feline friend. She is a curious adventurer who enjoys exploring her surroundings and discovering the little treasures hidden in corners. Her amiable nature ensures she makes friends along her journeys, both human and feline.

At first, you might find Laa Laa a bit reserved, which is only seen until she gets acquainted with her surroundings and the loving people around her. She warms up quickly though, and once she does, get ready for the full scale of affection that she's capable of providing you. Laa Laa’s belly rubs are nothing short of pure bliss for her, while the soothing sound of her purring will add a nice, comforting touch to your home.

For those practical aspects, Laa Laa has been desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, and microchipped. This takes care of many health and safety measures for you, making it all the easier for Laa Laa to transition into your home. Besides, with an adoption amount of just $150.00, the transition becomes even smoother!

Laa Laa is all ready to find a family that can match her spirit and love, making for a wonderful addition to any type of household. If an affectionate, and entertaining companion is what you are looking for, Laa Laa promises to fill your home with love, playfulness, and an unending wave of adorable cat antics.


Meet Calico, a beautiful and gentle cat eagerly seeking a new family to shower her with love. She is the personification of sweetness tempered with an endearing ardor for companionship. This friendly little lady with a calming presence is good-natured and sure to bring some added serenity to your home.

Calico loves nothing more than spending time with her favorite humans, whether that involves playful antics or quiet, cozy moments on the sofa. Her sweet demeanor and laid-back personality make her an absolutely wonderful pet. She's perfect for those looking for a balance of playful energy and relaxation.

She appreciates a calm and relaxed lifestyle, spending time on leisurely sunbathing, window watching, or simply lounging around. And while she enjoys her tranquil quiet moments, this little lady is not averse to sharing sweet moments with her humans filled with gentle strokes and quiet purrs.

Her charming personality and affectionate demeanour make her a loving addition to any household. Looking for a pet that adds warmth, companionship, and an undying devotion? Then Calico is undoubtedly the perfect fit for your home and heart. Fill in our cat adoption form.


Meet Tabby, a lovely and pretty companion ready to add a sprinkle of joy to your everyday. With her warm and affectionate nature, Tabby can seamlessly adjust to most family situations, making her an ideal fit to be a cherished family member.

Having completed all of her veterinary work, she's the epitome of a healthy and full-of-life feline. Given her balanced nature, Tabby appreciates the solitude of a quiet corner just as much as a sociable environment.

This little lady will indeed steal your heart and home with her stunning eyes, soft coat, and overall welcoming demeanor. Her curious personality means she is always ready for a new adventure, whether it's exploring every nook of your house or playing with her favorite toy.

Remember, Tabby's mission in life is to be by your side, sharing cuddles or just being present. She might even extend her love towards you through the gentle act of grooming, creating a bond that's both extraordinary and unforgettable.

If you think she's your perfect match, then do not hesitate to fill in our cat adoption form. It is your chance to enrich your home with this delightful little lady named Tabby. She can't wait to meet you and start creating beautiful memories.

call 0416042431 for more details.


Introducing Torti, an enchanting feline friend who's ready to make your house feel more like a home. A cat of gentle presence and affectionate charisma, Torti brings a soothing and joyful energy to any environment she steps into. She's a social butterfly, welcoming every petting stroke with a rumbling purr.

Torti's friendly personality shines through every interaction, making her an ideal companion for anyone looking to share their hearts and homes with a feline friend. She enjoys basking in the warmth of the sun by the window during the day and curling up in cozy corners at night. Regular toys don't impress her much; instead, she takes pleasure in the simple joys of life.

Torti has had all her vet work done and in perfect health, ready to step into her new household. Best suited for chill and loving companions, Torti can fill your life with loving purrs and fills your home with warmth and joy.

If Torti sounds like the loving companion you've been looking for, don't hesitate to reach out. Please fill out our cat adoption form for more details or phone Katrina on 0416042431 to explore the potential of adding Torti to your family.

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