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Cat in Basket

ADULT FEMALE CATS                             KITTENS

Charlie is friendly boy even if he makes a growl when happy 😆, Charlie is four years old and after a hard life is FIV positive but that is not going to stop Charlie having a great life.

Charlie comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped for $100.00

Can you be the one to give Charlie a forever home ? if so please email Karen at

Danny (approx DOB 26/9/21) is an extremely sweet young boy. Although Danny can be a little on the shy side when he first meets you, give him a few days and he will quickly warmup to you and any other cats in the family. Danny can be a real clown when he’s playing with his toys throwing them around and catching them. He will quickly adapt to any routine in the household. Danny loves his pets but is still learning that cuddles feel really good. Danny would best suit a family that leads a quiet, laid back life and must be an indoor cat. If you think you have the perfect home and heart for Danny then give Debbie a call on 0481 284 578.

Danny is located in Lithgow. He comes desexed vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchip for $150.00

Freeman: Cute little Freeman is waiting for his forever home, could your home be the one for Freeman ? If you would love to meet Freeman simply email karen at and fill out our cat adoption application form

Freeman comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and flea treated for $150.00

Alfie is a very sweet boy, his eyesight isn’t perfect but he can see and gets around the house very well. Alfie was only 5 weeks old when he followed his stray Mum up some very steep stairs from the section in that was closed off where handymen access for air conditioning maintenance and waited for help, his brother was also grabbed after a bit of effort. Alfie eyes are irreparably damaged but needs no ongoing treatment, he is the sweetest most loving boy, they absolutely loves sitting on your lap. He gets along with most other cats and loves to play and head butt his human for more details call Lisa on 0400305106.

Green Slightly shy but very sweet. Green is a beautiful ginger cat, who as most ginger cats, is obsessed with food. He may be initially shy, but when there’s tuna involved, he seems to forget this! This gentle, calm giant gets along well with other cats and causes no commotion. He would be perfect for a calm family, couple or individual looking for a sweet, easygoing and low maintenance boy.

Call Lisa on 0400305106 for more details.

Lincoln Love that’s exactly what young lad Lincoln is looking out for, super cute, how could you resist. If you would like to meet Lincoln simply email Karen at and fill out our cat adoption application form

Lincoln comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed flea treated and microchipped for $150.00

Garry (approx DOB 10/12/20) Is a beautiful white and grey boy although he is extremely shy and timid. Garry does not have a mean bone in his body but is scared of most things and people including his own shadow having said this Garry loves to have the company of another cat to snuggle with. Garry Has potential to become a loving boy he just needs an experienced & patient cat owner who can give him a lot more time than his foster humans can. Garry would not be suitable in a home with any children or constant loud noises. If you think you can give Garry the perfect, loving home that he truly deserves then give Debbie a call on 0481 284 578.
Garry Comes desexed, vaccinated, micro chipped, flea and worm treated for only $180.
M/C 991003001041727

Myles is a cute male. He is playful,cheeky and very affectionate. He loves all other cats and gets along great with people. He is very trusting. Love to meet Myles simply email Karen at and fill out our cat adoption application form

Myles comes to you desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped for $250.00

Iggy is a complete love bug, Iggy can’t get enough of being loved and giving love. If Iggy sounds just right for you give Elizabeth a call on 0400305106 or email

Iggy comes to you desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped for $250.00.

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