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Three Cats Playing


Presenting Mya and Oreo, two friendly feline siblings who are ready to charm their way into your heart and home. This delightful pair is incredibly playful, and their fun-loving nature creates an atmosphere of excitement and happiness around them.

Mya, the sweet female of the pair, is graceful and agile, perfect for those playful games of chase she loves so much. On the other hand, Oreo, the delightful male, is often the ringleader of these playful escapades. They truly are a joy to have around!

Apart from their playful antics, the duo is also incredibly affectionate, always ready to snuggle up for a cozy nap after their energy-filled playtime sessions. They were raised together, forming an adorable bond. That means they'll always keep each other company, making your life that much easier!

Did we mention they're also great with people? Their sociable and outgoing personalities make them the perfect fit for a home that has room for two.

In terms of their health, Mya and Oreo are fully vetted and are healthy kittens. Both are litter trained and have had all their necessary vaccinations.

Whether you're a single person seeking a dynamic duo to brighten up your home or you're a family looking for a pair of playful felines to liven up the household, Mya and Oreo are ready to become a cherished part of your lives. They are looking forward to exciting adventures, loving cuddles, and a loving new family to call their own. Adoption cost $250 the pair.

Phone Katrina on 0416042431 for more details.


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