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 Help Us To Make A Difference Registered Charity CC 225



The very sweet Bella came to DABS when her elderley owner

was no longer able to care for her. It was found Bella has cushings disease and a collapsing trachea. 

Her needs are on going meds and lots of love from her carer,Maree with some other foster dogs.

Please help us to continue helping Bella

๐ŸพIntroducing the lovable Blackie - 11 year old Male kitty

This senior boy has sadly lived on the streets for majority of his life . He is such a friendly boy who deserves to have a warm bed, some food in his belly & a place to call home ๐Ÿก.

Sadly he has a foot problem (more details and photos to come) so we are needing funds to pay for his vet bills.
If you would like to make a donation towards Blackies vet fees please donate by depositing at any Commonwealth Bank, internet transfer or just tap below onthe sponsor button.

BSB 062 133 Account number 111770

We are grateful for any donation big or small, it all helps. Remember all donations over $2 are Tax Deductible

We will keep you updated on how his foot is going & when he can go up for adoption.
He is currently loving all the attention from his foster carer who adores this old boy.
She just wants him to know he is not alone in this world and there is love and kindness out there for him ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

Cutie is a real sweetie, loves people but not other animals so much, sadly this lovely girl is FIV positive, while mostly in good health,she sometimes requires vet treatment and o'course excellant nutrition. Please donate today so Cutie can be kept in the manner the Diva she is believes is her right.


Gizmo came into DABS care at two days old. His eyes were infected and one eye, when he is bigger and stronger will have to be removed.  This little boy is a sweetheart and will be needing our help for some time to come, so we need your donations today.


Pebbles came to us as a young dog, unfortuneatly she has many behavioural problems that sadly have not been able to be remedied.  she requires daily medicine and loves her foster doggy family and her foster dad ,but only him and him a alone. Her foster dad provides love and support for Pebbles but she need your help to provide food and medicine.


Some times along comes a kitty that has know a very hard time, we think this could very well be Peggy's life  before coming to DABS, while trusting her loving cat carer and being very bonded with some of the other cats in care, Peggy wants no other people in her life.Peggy is in very good health and is asking for your sponsorship to be able to live the rest of her life in the one place she feels secure and will be loved.


This young boy has Wobbley kitten Syndrome, which means his brain has not fully formed, ocourse Toppy thinks he is just fine, this causes him no pain and is not contagious ,why this happens no one truely knows at this time. And Toppy may one day be able to go to a very person and have a forever home, but for now he needs love which he gets from his cat carer and support from you.Please Help Toppy be the best boy he can be.
UPDATE: A Big Shout Out of Thanks to to Animal Holistic Therapies - owner Neil Barnsley.

 For looking after our Wobbly Kitten Syndrome kitten Toppy. He has been improving over the last 3 weeks. He will never be cured but he is handling his problem much better. So we look forward to finding him a furever loving home soon. Many Thanks Neil

Animal Holistic Therapies

Tottie is a very sweeet old girl with on going lung and heart conditions. While not thinking she has she has any problems lol,sadly Tottie need medical support, can you help us to help this very sweet soul live the best life she can.

SPITFIRE-LADY-SADIE Are three, scary cats who will stay with DABS in care as they very shy and have either a very hard life or some trauma in life before arriving into DABS care.Please sponsor one of these kitties, so they can enjoy the the safe haven they have now with DABS