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Who We Are



Domestic Animal Birth-control Co-operative Society Limited
Registered Charity 
The Domestic Animal Birth-control Society is a Registered Charity, and a Registered Co-operative Society, whose members are dedicated to promoting the welfare of domestic animals, particularly in regard to desexing dogs and cats, thus reducing the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens born, many of which have no hope of finding any sort of home, let alone a GOOD HOME.
Briefly the Society Aims are:
  1. To advocate the desexing of domestic pets, MALE and FEMALE, and to assist dog and cat owners with advice and, where practical help with desexing.
  2. To raise money for our continuing DESEXING CAMPAIGN.
  3. To promote the welfare of dogs and cats by all possible means.
  4. To establish a better understanding of the needs, and care, of dogs and cats by the general community.
  5. To liaise with other animal welfare organisations to work towards the introduction of further legislation giving greater protection to all animals, particularly with regard to Domestic Animal Birth Control.

DABS is a volunteer run registered Charity, we help pensioners, low-income families and people purchasing undesexed dogs and cats from New South Wales pounds to have their pets desexed.  If you need help with desexing costs or know someone who does please submit form here CLICK.  (NSW only)



D.A.B.S NSW Directors for 2020 

President and      

Dog Co-Ordinator:Glenn Rees                    

Vice President/Cat Co-Ordinator:Karen Berger

Treasurer: Jenny Nappa-Jackson

Secretary: Krystal Berger

Street cat Co-Oridinator:  Carol Maroun

Director: Michael Smith

Social Media Officer-marketing: Sheridan Lauricella