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Urgent Help Required.

Want the joy and companionship of a feline friend but not quite in the position to make your home forever? Consider fostering! We are looking for dynamic homes, have cats all ages and levels of sociability, will cover all vet fees to the vets used by us and are always available for information and support while we try to find the best homes for our kitties 💖. NSW is in a cat crisis! Without adequate help from councils, cats are left on the streets to breed and fend for themselves often meeting devastating fates 🥺. Rescues are bursting at the seams and are in desperate need of kind hearted people to open their hearts and lives and let a lost soul learn what life should look like before going in to their forever homes. We offer fostering hero certificates for young people volunteering their time and love and are full of support and any information required for your foster kitties stay. If you think you have some space and love to share for a while or are wanting to help or support the rescue kitties in any way please send me a private message me as I am in urgent need. These babies are counting on you 😍😍 if you can’t help in this way and would like to donate instead that would be greatly appreciated, donations of $2 or more are also tax deductible.


DABS is a not for profit ACNC registered charity. Any funds raised from the adoption of our dogs and cats are entirely put towards the costs involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, vet work and on-going care of the animals in our care. All donations, large and small, are gratefully accepted and play a vital role in ensuring the success of the DABS mission.

All animals we rehome are vet checked, vaccinated, micro chipped, desexed and heartworm tested. Most of all, they are loved, but need your ongoing love and patience, and a nice snuggly bed at night.

DABS also assists people on pensions and low incomes to access discounted desexing for their pets. We encourage this as it helps prevent unwanted litters-many of which end up in pounds, or worse euthanised.

Please help us to help the animals-who else will?

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