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Caring for the Colony Cats in Sydney

Saving The Cats is made up of people from a few different Animal Rescue groups who have combined to help the Colony/Street cats in their local Sydney community. If you're interested in helping, we need volunteers to feed and assist with transport of these unfortunate cats. Currently our areas are Wiley Park, Lakemba, some parts of the city and we desperately need help with Punchbowl and Greenacre. Most of the cats and kittens we deal with are born there in the streets, they are the unfortunate victims of our times, as the mother cats often abandon them out of desperation due to shortages of reliable food sources and as they grow up fending for themselves. This is very sad and we really appreciate any help we can get. Even if you can feed them one night a week, or can help with transport to the vets and back again. This would make a hell of a difference to these cats of the streets that we can help.

DABS is our support, financially for food and desexing costs, as we carry out trap/spay/release and regular feeding of colony cats in our area. We also promote the Desexing of cats and giving discount Desexing to needy pet owners in the local community, to help stem the flow of unwanted kittens that are being born and abandoned.

Donations of tinned and dry food are always very much appreciated to help with our efforts, and are always in short supply.

So do you have some spare time? Would you like to make a difference to cats on our streets in Sydney? It would be lovely to have some more physical help, especially if one of our regular helpers are unable to help. We can't disappoint the street cats as they wait eagerly for our arrival every night. They are usually only fed at evenings. Let me know if you can help.... Carol......0410 298969

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