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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

At DABS we believe all cats should be in a loving indoor home, safe from disease, traffic, dogs and people that dislike cats.

Sadly a few cats that come into our care have never lived that life and struggle to adapt, not many that's true, some cats that have lived out door's embraced the new life with joy, but the few that don't we have to listen to and find them a safe haven on property where they can have a warm barn to sleep in and food and water on tap. These kittys will in turn help control the mice and rats.

The main thing to keep in mind is to have a part of the barn to keep the cats in for the first weeks so they know this is their new home, before release. And yes these cats can be rehomed in other situations, not just barns.

All cats are desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped.


Dee Dee and Maggie

Sister Team

Hi Everyone, this is Maggie (ginger and white) and Deedee (dark torti), they were born about October 2019. They were trapped by another carer when Maggie had 3 very young kittens, but Deedee and Maggie are inseparable. So they shared the cage and raised the kittens together. Once the kittens were rehomed they were free to roam the cattery. They spend most of their time together as Deedee is rather shy. I was told by the trapper that Maggie would defend her timid sister from the male cats, which probably explains why Deedee didn't have any kittens. They have come a long way since they came into care. They are still shy and rarely come down on the ground, unless it is a very hot day but will sniff my hand and accept food from us while standing their ground instead of running away like they did in the past. If you have the time to give these girls the one on one care they need to improve further please contact me on 0425 340 027 Maggie and Deedee are microchipped, desexed and life time registered

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