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• Hidey holes for cats

• Feliway Sprays & feliway refills for diffusers

• Calming sprays/lavender sprays for cats or dogs

• Cat grass

• Adaptil spray/collars

• Rescue Remedy Drops

• Fancy feast cat treats

• ID wet cat and dog food

• Large plush toys

• Extra large dog jackets

• Dental biscuits for cats and dogs

• Hypoallergenic biscuits and/or sensitive stomach biscuits for cats and dogs

• Cat stick/wand toys

• Dog squeaky toys

• Interactive dog toys

• Tug toys

• Snuffle mats for dogs

• Long line leashes for dogs (not flexi leashes)

• Kong products such as Kong wobblers or rubber kongs

• Large cat scratching towers

• Cat toys

• Catnip filled toys, catnip spray or loose catnip

• Electronic cat toys or Jackson Galaxy interactive cat toys

• Any donations of worming & flea treatments are also always welcome.

We always appreciate any and all donations, every donation no matter how big or small helps the animals that are in DABS care while they are waiting to find their forever home. If you would like to make a donation click here Donate (

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