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Help DABS help the most vulnerable animals in our communities.

Who are these poor animals? Homeless and Colony Cats. These cats have to fend for themselves.

DABS started many years ago to help these kitties and they still need our help today.


Homeless kitties reside in both the city and country areas. People from all walks of life spend time and money feeding these poor souls.


Empirical research suggests that the only way to effectively reduce the number of homeless cats is to desex them.


DABS offers a special low cost Desexing fee to these selfless people who look after these cats.

While we believe all domestic cats deserve a home, sadly there are not enough homes available so this is the next best way to reduce the population.

This appeal is urgent and on going, as the need never stops.


HELP these cats and the people that support them.

Please click on the trail of paws above to make a donation.

$30.00 will assist us neuter a male cat.

$60.00 will assist us to spay a female cat.

$90.00 will help us to do one of each.

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