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DABS receives many questions on what DABS is all about and what we do . On this page we hope to answer some of these questions and more.

Q: What does DABS stand for ?

A: DABS stands for Domestic Animal Birth Control Co-operative Society Limited. Yes its is a long name ,and that's why over time it came to be shorten to DABS

Q: When and how did DABS start ?

A: Back in 1978 our Founder Norma Faulkner and a group of her animal loving friends, who had been rescuing homeless dogs and cats, saw a need to stop breeding through a desexing scheme and in turn slow the endless animals they were seeing being born unwanted.

So after bringing on board a a few vets that shared their same dream DABS was born. If you would like to learn about Norma Faulkner follow this link About our Founder

Q: Can I get help desexing my dog/cat ?

A: Yes, that will always be our first aim. Assisting people with low cost vouchers for desexing, at the same time when you have your pet desexed you can also get a discount on vaccination and micro-chipping. Our form for desexing assistance can be found here

Q: I feed a colony of stray cats. Can I get help with desexing vouchers too?

A: Yes, DABS has always supported and assisted Colony and Street cats.

Q: Can I adopt a Cat or Dog via DABS.?

A: Yes, we always have Cats/Dogs looking for forever homes. All our animals come desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea prevention treated and Micro chipped

Cats for Adoption can be found here and Dogs that are available are Here

Q: Will DABS come and pick up a stray cat/dog ?

A: No all dogs found must go to your local council pound and cats should go to your local pound too, but many pounds do not accept cats , we strongly advise before contacting DABS,you take a stray kitty to a local vet to have the cat scanned for a micro chip, cats often get lost and sometime stray a long way from home. Also try to door knock around your home and post on Facebook lost and found pets pages in your area.

Q: How can I help DABS?

A: 1. Give a donation to DABS HERE

2. Volunteer to help on a street stalls, BBQ etc - Volunteer Application

3.Become a cat/dog foster carer, its not for everyone but it is very rewarding Volunteer Foster carer form

4. Adopt one of our dogs or cats looking for a forever home -follow the links here DOGS and CATS

5. Cant adopt? share our Facebook page,by sharing that will raise awareness of DABS also share via Facebook the posts that are on our

page you never know if by sharing a post that one of our animals may find a forever home ,it only takes a few second and cost nothing

but means a lot to us at DABS. the link to our Facebook and Instagram pages are below.

These are just some of the questions we are asked about Dabs. We Thank You for your interest in our organistion. If you have any question please use the contact button below and we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Q: Can I surrender my pet to DABS?

A: Yes, but as DABS is No Kill and we do not euthanise any animal except with a terminal illness or on the advise of one of our vets, when all treatments have failed, and quality of life is poor. That means we can only take in a certain amount of animals at any one time.

Also we depend on foster carers , they are the people who determine how many animals we can have in our care.

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