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Our Special Duty of Care Animals.

These special pets have come into DABS care and for many and varied reasons Dabs can not rehome them, if you read each of their stories you will understand each have a very different reason that has caused us to reach this decision. DABS will never euthanize any animal that with medical care can continue to live a good and happy life. But this costs money and we are asking you to help us care for these special souls by Sponsoring any of the Duty of Care Dogs or Cats listed below. Just click on the blue sponsor me button. Thank You 

Kenny is a older dog placed by DABS but very sadly his owner had a bad fall and has had to go to a nursing home. Kenny has settled in well at his duty of care foster home, he gets on well with his other small duty of care foster doggy's and loves his foster mum Maree.

if you would like to help DABS care for Kenny, please assist us by making a donation using the Sponsor me button on this page. Just mention Kenny in your payment.


Pebbles came to us as a young dog, unfortuneatly she has many behavioural problems that sadly have not been able to be remedied. she requires daily medicine and loves her foster doggy family and her foster dad ,but only him and him a alone. Her foster dad provides love and support for Pebbles but she need your help to provide food and medicine.

Kane is a gorgeous boy that unfortunately has ‘episodes’ (thought to be caused by an inter cranial infection when born). During these episodes, Kane can stop breathing – requiring mouth to snout resuscitation, becomes dehydrated – needing subcutaneous fluids, body temperature dropping (sometimes close to hypothermic) – requiring heat packs. His episodes can last anything from 40 minutes up to about 6 hours. He has been rushed to the vet for these episodes numerous times but sadly there is nothing they can do for him. To save him the trauma of these frantic trips, I care for him at home during his episodes doing all treatment needed & then just hold & love him. There is no pattern to when he has these episodes & he has gone 5 weeks without having one, unfortunately the longer the period between his episodes the longer the duration of them when he has his next one. Kane is always a little sleepy & clumsy for a couple of hours after an episode but then becomes an ‘ordinary’, loving & playful little boy. He will remain with me & be loved for the rest of his life.

Smeegle has a wonderful ,strong spirit and loves his foster carer, following a accident as a puppy that was not corrected, Smeegle was left with permanently damaged back legs and knees. Because of kindness shown to Smeggle via donations on DABS facebook page Smeegle was given wheels to use outside, he also has some urinary problems as well. None of this worries Smeegle This boy, likes to play with other dogs ,lay in the sun and eat plenty of treats. At DABS we thought long and hard and it was decided Smeegle should stay with his dog carer as a Duty of Care Dog. If you would like to support Smeegle please give a donation by clicking on the " sponsor me" button on this page. Smeggle sends you Licks and Tails Wags in advance. Update: Smeggle has been Diagnosed with a collapsing trachea, he is responding well to treatment.

lucy l.jpg

Lucy was saved from a rural council pound, she is elderly but spirted girl that has a permanent eye and skin problems, but that is all under control with the help of one of our vets.

Please support DABS so we can continue to support  Lucy so her last years are her best years.


 Duty of Care cat Sadie. Sadie came into DABS care five years ago with her adult daughter Lady,.

Yes we know Sadie looks grumpy but maybe that’s because before Sadie came into DABS care she had lost part of one of her back legs, how she survived that injury untreated and with no regular food or shelter is testament to what a tough cookie this girl is.

Sadie does not care much for humans and can we blame her? but at DABS she has a soft bed, plenty of food and peace. If you would like to donate especially for Sadie just mark your donation Sadie.

Pictured is Olive a sweet tiny girl that came into DABS care as a kitten with diarrhoea, after many investigations Olive was diagnosed with IBS and now has bad hips at only 4 years old.

Most times Olive leads a happy life under the care of her cat carer, but sometimes she needs more support then just care with her diet, this is just one of our Duty of Care animals that by your donation you will be supporting.

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