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DABS vouchers are available to assist pensioners with desexing of their animals

Animals that are de-sexed may be less likely to develop cancer of the reproductive organs, are less likely to suffer from anti social and territorial behaviour's, generally live longer and are much healthier and happier, are less likely to fight with other cats or wander and become lost and most importantly will not have unwanted litters.

Please read the following before you ring one of the DABS representative listed below.

Due to the high volume of requests for vouchers for de sexing, vaccinations and micro chipping we would ask that you contact the DABS representative on the day that they are available to take your call (shown in the list below).

If you cannot reach the DABS representative please leave a clear message with your name and contact details. Your call will be responded to within 24 hours at the latest. Please be aware your call will not be answered or returned if you ring a representative on a day that they are not on duty to accept calls.

Thank you for you co operation.

DABS Forms are only available for selected areas in NSW, please choose the most appropriate Vet Clinic for you.

Please understand Forms take up to a week due to the postal service to reach you.

Please Note Colony/Street cat will be charged at pensioner

Please give details about your pet...


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